MAC/SAC gears up for an exciting spring semester

Bella Lee, Staff writer

The spring semester has only just begun, but the Multicultural Activities Council and Student Activities Council, or MAC/SAC, already has a great lineup of weekend activities planned for students. Most of this semester’s events so far have been virtual but with restrictions beginning to loos-en up, more opportunities for in-person events are returning. Past events this semester have included a virtual ghost hunt, virtual Jeopardy and most recently a clay activity referred to as “Seize the Clay,” held on Feb. 13. This event allowed students to participate in-person or virtually and was a great success. Upcoming MAC/SAC events in February include “Name That Tune” on Feb. 19 and “Disney Bingo Trivia” on Feb. 26.

“While we are starting off the semester with a run of virtual events, we are looking for ways to connect in-person as well,” said Braeden Barnett, senior English major and MAC/SAC chair. “Whether it be through hybrid events where students can participate in-person and virtually or socially distanced in-person events, MAC/SAC is committed to keeping our students safe while they enjoy themselves after a long week of class.

” There will be other in-per-son events later this semester, but there will most likely be a virtual option for those events as well, just so we can control the crowds and be safe during COVID times,” said Joey Franz, sophomore Media, and Communications major and MAC/SAC programmer. “It also helps us having that virtual option for those students who maybe don’t feel comfortable leaving their rooms and for those who are not on campus this semester.”

A major event that will, unfortunately, be absent from this semester’s lineup of events will be SpringFest, general-ly held each year towards the end of April. Last year, students were looking forward to a performance by MAX, known for hits such as “Lights Down Low” and “Gibberish,” but the rise of the pandemic brought those plans to a halt. There are plans of MAC/SAC and the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG), working together for a family weekend that could happen towards the end of March, so hopefully, students will be able to have a bit of normalcy after missing key events such as Homecoming and Hurst Day. With people such as Tik-Tok-famous comedian Ryan Kelly being scheduled for events, who knows what MAC/SAC has in store for us this semester.

“I am very excited for this semester,” said Barnett. “This will be my sixth and final semester working with MAC/SAC and I think we have a strong lineup of events for our Lakers.” I am super excited about what we have coming up,” said Franz. “There are lots of cool things planned and I hope that you can all come and check them out.”If you want to catch up on what MAC/SAC and MSG have in store, be sure to follow them on social media @ms-glakers or @hurstcampuslife. This weekend will have “Name That Tune” and “Carnaval,” so be sure to check those out.