MAC/SAC announces remaining weekend events

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Although the semester and year are quickly coming to an end, there is still a variety of fun and exciting MAC/SAC events to look forward to.

This past weekend we created our own teddy bears at Stuffed With Love and played a round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf at Let’s Par-tee. However, there are even more events coming up that students can enjoy.

Upcoming events include a Sock Hop on April 16 with line dancing, a tie-dye station and a crazy sock contest, where prizes will be awarded to attendees with the most outrageous socks. This event is loosely based on the phrase “sock hop” or 1950s slang referring to an informal dance where popular music would be played. The following evening on April 17, MAC/SAC is hosting an event titled “On Record,” where students are encouraged to come to paint and decorate old records and enjoy music from the 1970s.

The following weekend sees an event celebrating Earth Day on April 23. This year marks the 51st anniversary of the holiday and honors the planet and the environment as a whole. The following evening, MAC/SAC is hosting a spirit event on April 24 where students are encouraged to participate in various outdoor games and activities.

The last weekend sees the MAC/SAC 2020-2021 year draw to a close. The last fully scheduled event of the year is set for April 30. This event is to honor the American traditions of the Kentucky Derby. In addition to the already scheduled events, the MAC/SAC board is attempting to coordinate a roller-skating event on May 1 to round out the year’s events before finals begin. Of course, more details on that event are to come soon.

These events are bittersweet for Braeden Barnett, a senior English major and current MAC/SAC chair.“I am most looking forward to the last weekend of Derby Day and Roller Skating,” said Barnett.“These will be the last events I work after three years on the board and it definitely feels like I will be going out with a bang.”

An exciting thing to point out about the rest of these events is that they will all be in person. Over the course of the semester, MAC/SAC events have either been hybrid or fully online, with a few fully in-person opportunities sprinkled throughout. However, these events will now be solely in person, with take-home opportunities available if necessary. Stuffed With Love, for example, ran out of all 200 bears in under 10 minutes, with many students making their bears at home, but most taking advantage of the beautiful weather that day.

So whether you want to paint a vinyl record or design a hat for the Kentucky Derby, be sure to be on the lookout for these exciting events and where and when they’ll be held. It’s a sure way to end the semester and year on a good note. For more information about the upcoming events, visit the Mercy-hurst HUB page.