RSCO Feature: PUCK Club


Bella Lee, Staff writer

Are you a fan of hockey? Have you diligently attended every Men’s or Women’s hockey game and want to learn what it’s like to be on the ice? Do you want a chance at your 15 seconds of fame? If your answer to any of these questions was yes, then you might want to consider joining the PUCK Club.

The PUCK, or Pick Up College Hockey Club, is open to any student that is interested in learning how to play hockey, regardless of if you are a pro at skating or need to cling to the wall in order to maintain your balance.

“The group, which includes both men and women, are excited to be meeting again for some pick up hockey,” said Thomas McKinnon, head coach, and director of Club Hockey and advisor of PUCK Club.

The club meets up every other week at the Mercyhurst Ice Center for some fun games of pick-up hockey.“It’s a club for anyone who wants to play hockey to come out and play,” said Cory Scull, sophomore Sports Business Management major and president of the club. “All skill levels are welcome, beginner or advanced.”

Usually, members of the club are recommended to have their own equipment in order to get on the ice, but the club has ways to accommodate in case that is not possible.

“When there are few people that don’t have full equipment, we just split the ice so they can come out and shoot around, but not play in a pickup game, so they don’t get hurt,” said Scull.

After being unable to host meetings last year due to COVID, the club was able to host their first two meetings on Oct. 12 and Oct. 19, with another meeting planned for Nov. 2. The club doesn’t have any special events planned for the future since they just do it for fun. “We just encourage members who have friends with equipment to bring them along if they want to skate,” said Scull.

Hockey is a beloved sport on campus and the Mercyhurst community prides itself on how much our Hockey program has grown over the years. Students looking to try hockey at a more casual level are encouraged to check out PUCK club. The atmosphere of the club is relaxed and is very welcoming of new students.

If one is interested in the Hockey program, this club is a great way to get involved. If someone is an existing player on the team, this club is also a great way to encourage beginners.

Ice hockey is easily one of the most popular sports on campus, with students filling the stands at the Mercyhurst Ice Center to cheer on the Division I or club teams. For those whose dreams are not as ambitious as those hoping to play pro hockey or even in the NHL, PUCK Club is here to let you energize yourself through casual games of hockey. If you are interested in joining the club, reach out to Scull or McKinnon or watch out for anything happening at the Ice Center on Nov. 2.