Laker Side Hustle: Snider’s Keychains


Hannah Brooks, Staff writer

Keychains are a very common commodity for everybody to have. What other ways are there to spice up your plain old set of keys and give them some personality?

Nice keychains can be hard to come by at times, but if you ever find yourself in need of a keychain, you need not look any further than a local business; so local that it is right on Mercyhurst’s campus. Junior Interior Architecture and Design major, Jason (JJ) Snider runs his own business making and selling his original keychain creations.

To start, Snider’s keychains are affordable, especially for college students, ranging from $3-5 depending on the style. Customers are able to choose from three different styles. The pictures laid out in this article depict the three styles that are available for customers to choose from. Each keychain is individually handcrafted by adding a personal touch for customers.

The key chains are made out of paracord and come in a variety of different colors to choose from. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, one can contact Snider to find out what exactly is available and make your selections.

The keychain-making, for Snider, is something that he genuinely enjoys doing. “I started making these [the keychains] because it always has been of interest to me and it gives me something to do,” said Snider.

He also adds that he has been making his keychains off-and-on over the past few years. The keychain crafting started out as a hobby and he just recently began selling them. Creating the keychains is a great way to keep busy and keep downtime enjoyable throughout the roller coaster ride that college truly is. It is also very important to shop local as much as possible: and what better way to do that than to purchase from a fellow student? Your support of Snider will not only get you some bling for your boring lanyards filled with boring keys but will also serve as a wonderful opportunity to support a fellow Laker.

Snider’s keychains also give a much more personal feel than a keychain that you would buy from a store – and the hand-crafted, personality of each keychain just adds to the entire experience for customers. It will also give Snider a way to keep busy and do what he loves.

With the holiday season creeping closer and closer by the day, it is to be remembered that key chains can make easy, personal gifts and with Snider’s affordable price offerings, you can get a keychain for all of your friends and family. It is also great to support local businesses during the holiday season and think outside the box with the gifts that you purchase for others, rather than going to big retailers. Also, remember that the key chains are completely customizable from color to style.

Any student who is interested in purchasing a keychain can contact Snider personally. He invites customers to primarily contact him by e-mail at Students can also call or text him at his personal phone number, which is 740-616-2503.

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