Mercyhurst Resources: IDEA Course Survey

Mackenzie Zent, Staff writer

Mercyhurst offers a unique opportunity to students that allows them to give feedback on their professors and classes. Individual Development and Educational Assessments (IDEA) is a great way for students to express their opinions and true feelings on their learning experience within a class. With the end of the semester nearing, it is important for students to start thinking about whether or not they have had the learning experience they anticipated.

A lot of students are excited to get started in their classes at the beginning of the semester, however, not all students will have a positive experience with their professors or courses. These IDEA surveys are sent out to all Mercyhurst students for all of their classes during the last week of the semester via email. Some professors will allow for time in class to fill these out, but other professors just encourage students to complete them on their own time.

These surveys are completely anonymous, so there is no need to worry about professors thinking about a student differently or grading a final exam poorly due to how a student reviewed them. The process is easy, simple, and does not take long at all. There are a series of questions where the student will rate how well they did in the class, how well they thought they would do and what skills they acquired from the class. There is also a part to review the professor, and how well they taught and how effective their teaching skills were. Finally, there is a spot to give open feedback on the course, the professor and to talk about anything the student liked or disliked about their experience in class.

Many students skip this part, but it is one of the most valued parts of the survey, as the professors and Mercyhurst get to hear directly from the student. Professors value students’ thoughts on their teaching, and the university does too.

With this in mind, it is important to provide honest feedback, so that professors know how they can improve. It also allows Mercyhurst to have some insight should there be a major problem with a professor or a specific course.

Students are highly encouraged to take part in the surveys as it will gain the best percentage of feedback as to how the university can make for the most rewarding classroom environment a success. The IDEA surveys are a great way for students to feel like their voice is being heard. Students can sometimes feel powerless when they have a bad experience with a professor, but this is a unique way for students to say how they really feel, and hopefully draw attention to some of the negative aspects of the professors teaching skills.

Professors will review these surveys and take into consideration any constructive criticism from previous students. This helps them improve their course and give an even better learning experience to others.

On the other hand, IDEA surveys are a really nice way of telling a professor how much a student liked them. The surveys have been well received in the past. With COVID taking numerous classes online, these surveys made all the difference for the university’s staff and administrators. Everyone has had a professor they got along with and whose class they enjoyed, why not tell them?

Giving professors positive feedback on IDEA surveys shows them just how much of a difference they are making in a student’s life, and encourages them to keep doing what they are doing.

The university will be emailing out IDEA surveys within the next few weeks. Each survey is catered to each student and the courses they are enrolled in. The surveys take almost no time at all and have a critical impact on how the university can improve its academic rigor across all classes. For more information on IDEA surveys, students are encouraged to visit the HUB page or talk with their professors.