Daffodil Days fundraiser returns to the Hurst

Grace Elwood, Contributing writer

Spring is the season of rejuvenation, a season where snow melts away and long-awaited flowers begin to bloom. Among these flowers, the daffodil, is one of the first signs that spring has returned. The daffodil has been long-regarded as a symbol of hope, especially for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Since the 1970’s, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has promoted “Daffodil Days” in order to raise money to end the fight against cancer. The campaign brings hope to all affected by cancer and provides funding for new research and patient services.

The way this fundraiser works is that people are able to choose from various items, such as bunches of daffodils or tulips, potted plants, and more. The proceeds from the purchases goes to the American Cancer Society.

The daffodil is a sign of hope, particularly to cancer patients, as well as their families and caregivers. The flower has served as a symbol of hope and resilience since the 1950s, thus its use in the fundraiser for cancer research.

For many years, individuals, small businesses and large corporations have supported the ACS through the Daffodil Days campaign as they made donations for flowers that have been used to brighten the spirits of loved ones or as a way of saying thank you to friends, family, and colleagues.

Daffodil Days will return to Mercyhurst this year to do the same. Products will be available for purchase until Feb. 22.

A few of the offerings include:

$10 – Bunch of Daffodils

$15 – Potted Mini Daffodils

$15 – Bunch of Tulips

In addition to the flowers available, there is also the Daffodil Gift of Hope, a 25-dollar donation that will provide cancer patients in local hospitals with flowers in order to brighten their day.

The fundraiser is being coordinated by Colin Hurley, Executive Director of Community Engagement, with help from Patricia “Trish” Jaskiewicz, receptionist for the university.

“Daffodil Days is an opportunity for the university to join with other local companies and individuals partnering with the American Cancer Society (ACS) so we can bring brightness and hope in times of darkness, past and/or present, where so many lives have been affected by cancer,” said Hurley.

Limited quantities of both green and blue vases are also available, and products purchased will arrive the week of March 21, just in time for spring.

“Even if someone doesn’t wish to buy flowers for themselves, they can donate through Gifts of Hope and have the flowers sent to someone in a hospital to have their day brightened,” said Hurley.

Cancer is a household name for many, and the fight against the deadly disease hasn’t ended yet. But with fundraisers, such as Daffodil Days, there is increasing hope that one day cancer will become a term of the past.

For a complete list of product offerings available through this fundraiser, please visit the donation page at https://acs-daffodildays.ticketleap.com/mercyhurst/.

Please consider making a donation to this fundraiser to support cancer research and patients.

Helping others and providing service is one of the staples of Mercyhurst University, which is why the school has been participating in this fundraiser for many years. Students, and faculty have the opportunity to help others by participating in the fundraiser. Whether you purchase a pretty bundle of flowers to decorate your home, or a gift for somebody else – please consider participating in this fundraiser.