Upcoming: Mosaic of Life Art Show

Sarah Beck, Staff writer

The Mosaic Of Life Art Showcase is back at the Mercyhurst campus for its third annual show. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this event had to be postponed for the last couple of years. It is making its grand return and needs talented creatives to submit their work to help make it possible. The showcase is calling for submissions for the exhibition from March 21-23 so get started on your submissions today in order to be ready for the art show.

Any students on campus can submit a piece and there are no limitations to the art form. All creativity such as drawing, painting, collage, photo, digital art, sculpture, written poem, spoken poem, dance, song, dramatic reading or act and instrumental piece are welcomed to be a part of this exhibition. All featured creative works will embody the common theme of diversity and inclusivity. Some topics that can be present in your submission are race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and any other topic that you feel passionate about.

The first Mosaic of Life Art Showcase took place in 2018 and was the idea of Dr. Judy Smith from the counseling center. The Multicultural and Inclusion coordinator, Art Therapy department and Counseling Center came together to form a committee and develop this idea to create the showcase. Heather Denning is the Art Therapy Program Director and is a member of the showcase’s committee. Denning said that this event was truly designed “to celebrate diversity and inclusion and to bring attention to that in a fun celebratory manner on campus.”

Denning is an active participant in this event as she is able to give her expertise on how to organize an art show, frame or matte art pieces and how to set up the art for the showcase. Denning wanted to inspire any artists that are hopeful to submit for this inclusive show who may be feeling a little worried to share their art. She encourages artists not to feel overwhelmed or anxious about the showcase.“If any one is anxious about it [the showcase] being an art show, look at it differently. It is really a place to give your voice on campus, perhaps about your own cultural background or thoughts and feelings you have about diversity,” said Denning.

The showcase serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to not only express themselves, but also to celebrate their own history and backgrounds, and to share it with others. “I think it is really meant to give you that platform. You don’t have to be an artist and you might want to do it with a friend on campus,” said Denning. This is truly an event that gathers the Mercyhurst campus together by celebrating creativity and appreciating all of our similarities and differences.

If you have any questions please reach out to Denning at hden-ning@mercyhurst.edu or at her extension 2212, and don’t forget to get started on your submission today!