Hospitality hosts dining series

Samantha Weber, Editor-in-chief

Hospitality is excited to host its annual Spring Dining Series. The dining series is a beloved and a highly anticipated series of events for the university. There have been several successful and creative meals in the past and this semester is no different. The meals are held every Monday and Wednesday night during the semester. Each student in the Advanced Foods Lab for the hospitality major is required to be the general manager for two days out of the semester, which entails preparing and coordinating the dinner for the night. All students must complete this course prior to graduation.

Hailey McCarty, Ryan Coury, Jailey Pisani, Caitlyn Rooney, Abigail Titus, Jacob Ugenti, Tarrie Reese and Anthony Bolden will be the general managers for the spring meals. “I decided on my Greek menu theme because I thought it would be a popular dinner option that would sell. Also, I love Greek food, so it was a win-win scenario,” said McCarty. Other students can volunteer to work these meals and they help the general manager prepare and serve the meals to the guests. This series would not be possible without the help of volunteer students working and helping the general managers. “To ensure that the process runs smoothly, it takes a lot of preparation in advance,” McCarty said. “Assigning your classmates with certain tasks to carry out on time is very key. It definitely takes a team effort in order for a meal to run smoothly and swiftly.”

Sophomore Veronica Kibbe is one of the students who volunteers for the dinners. “On Mondays, I work the meals as a server because I am in the Applied Service class where we are learning how to serve using different styles. Being able to practice the different serving techniques while learning them has been great practice,” said Kibbe. “On Wednesdays, I am volunteering to help cook and prepare the meal for service hours.” Both Kibbe and McCarty enjoy the opportunity and experiences they have gained.

“My favorite thing about the dining series is preparing the food for our guests. I enjoy making our guests happy and making sure that the meal being served for them reaches satisfactory,” said McCarty.

“I love being able to interact with the guests from around Erie who come to these meals,” said Kibbe. “I also enjoy getting kitchen experience.”

“At the end of the meal, everyone who works them gets to sit down together for “family dinner” and we share a meal together and it’s very nice and how we get to know others in the major,” said Kibbe. “I’m very excited, I’m already planning for my meal as a senior!”

All meals will be served promptly at 5 p.m. in the J.W. and Alice Marriott Cafe. All meals are $13 plus tax and they only accept cash or checks. The meals are open to the Mercyhurst community as well as to the public, but reservations have to be made in advance. To make a reservation, can call 814-824-2565. Additionally, if one is in search of even more information, program staff Pete Zohos and Allison Minor are also open to answering any potential questions one may have. They can be found on the first floor of the Center for Academic Engagement.