Men’s fashion steals the spotlight in Spring edition of ‘Statement’

Sarah Beck, Staff writer

If you haven’t gotten the chance to read the new publication of “Statement” for Spring 2022, you have to check it out! “Statement” is the fashion merchandising department’s bi-annual magazine. This magazine features a variety of fashion-related information such as industry trends, small student-run businesses and current fashion events. In addition, the magazine simultaneously celebrates Mercyhurst student’s to grow their skills, outreach and platform. Editor Chloe Sanfrantello, senior double major in Fashion Merchandising and Communications, and Co-Editor Annie Markel, sophomore Fashion Merchandising major and Graphic Design minor, decided to make the Spring 2022 edition of “Statement” focus on the theme of gender inclusivity. This is the first issue to feature menswear.

“We had four wonderful men on our cover [photos were taken by Victoria McGinty] and each of them killed it in their own way, Erik, Jorge, Jerrad and Ramani,” said Markel. “I thought it turned out better than I think we all could have dreamed. The guys were so awesome and they really each got to shine in their own light.” There were also numerous articles that tied into the menswear theme including a faculty spotlight on professor Brian Sheridan written by Sanfrantello, menswear trends of 2022 by Markel, as well as informational pages about the male cover models. “My favorite part of this publication was seeing the different sides of these men and how they all came to fashion,” Markel said. “Each of their stories are so different and intricate.”

This publication also contains pieces such as an article written by sophomore Alayna Moorhead, double major in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing with a Graphic Design minor, who wrote about how fashion has influenced her throughout her life. Moorhead described herself to be a big storyteller and this article was the perfect opportunity to tell her own story. Moorhead has been involved with “Statement” since fall of 2020 when she was asked to be featured on the cover, which remains her favorite moment with the magazine thus far. Moorhead said that she is looking forward to continuing working with “Statement” in the years to come.

This was editor Sanfrantello’s last publication of “Statement” before she graduates. “This issue meant a lot to me. I took this position in the middle of last semester on a whim and I don’t regret a second of it,” said Sanfrantello. “Every-one was so kind and open to do whatever crazy idea we had.” Anyone can get involved in the process of “Statement.” Each semester the writers, editor and co-editor sit down to brainstorm themes and come up with a list of article ideas for the magazine. A photography session is planned for the cover model or models as the writers are busy drafting and editing their pieces. Once all the materials have been collected, the editors work hard using the InDesign software to make a complete and professional product.

If you are interested in getting involved with “Statement” as a student writer or photographer, be sure to email fashion professor Katie Summers and follow Mercyhurst Fashion on Instagram to get updates! Be sure to check out this semester’s edition of the magazine! You can access this mag-azine through the Mercyhurst Fashion Instagram’s or at