RSCO Feature: Music Therapy Club

Vydalia Weatherly, Staff writer

Attention Lakers! Are you looking to get more involved this
semester on campus? There is a new and exciting RSCO
on campus that you should consider. Music Therapy Club
was formed in December 2022, but officially got approved
to be an RSCO at the start of the spring semester. “Our
main mission of Music Therapy Club is to educate students and the general community about the benefits of
research-based music as it applies to a therapeutic setting. We also strive to operate on a theme of inclusivity as
we address different populations through music therapy,
and we want to advocate for ourselves and for others to
really understand what music therapy is and the benefits
of it” says Addie McCoy, a junior Musical Therapy major,
who serves as the RSCO’s vice president.
Emily McGarvey, a senior Music Therapy major and
psychology minor, serves as the RSCO’s president. While
Music Therapy is still in its infancy, McGarvey hopes to
increase membership and the influence of the RSCO.
“We’re hoping to get our name out there and spread
awareness for what music therapy is and what it can do.
We’re hoping to help not only our music therapy majors
become more informed about their own field and what is
required, but also the Mercyhurst and Erie community,”
says McGarvey.
Before it was an official RSCO, Music Therapy Club
went caroling at two local nursing homes in December to
spread holiday cheer. While Music Therapy Club may be a
new RSCO, they are not taking things slow. Music Therapy
Club is looking towards the future and has already started
planning events for the rest of the semester. “This semester we are planning on doing Singing Valentines that
we are making available for people to send to their professors, or to each other if they so choose. More details
about that will be posted within the coming weeks. We
also plan on reaching out to other organizations such as
the Art Therapy Club and collaborating,” said McCoy.
The RSCO may be new, but it is already having a major
impact on its members. “My favorite moment so far with
the Music Therapy Club has been when we had our first
meeting, and I saw how many people were just as excited
as I was to start this club. I can’t wait to help out the underclassmen and show them the things that I’ve learned
over the years,” said McGarvey.
Music Therapy Club meets every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.
in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center in Classroom
1. “Anyone, and everyone can participate in our club. Right
now, it is all music therapy majors, but we would really like
others who have any interest in music therapy or are just
curious of what we do to join,” said McCoy.
If you are interested in becoming involved with Music
Therapy Club or have any questions, you can reach out
to McGarvey or McCoy. To stay updated with what Music
Therapy Club, go follow @HurstMTClub.