RSCO Feature: Hurst Harmonics

Vydalia Weatherly, Staff writer

Are you a fan of the hit movie series Pitch Perfect and/or the award-winning TV show Glee? Perhaps you love having your moment in the spotlight? Do you hum to yourself on the way to class while listening to your favorite song with your headphones on full blast? Do you consider yourself a creative and/or musically talented person? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, there is a new a ca-awesome RSCO on campus that may be the perfect club for you.
Freshmen Music Education major Emily Turpin, and Music Therapy major Nova Bolling recently founded Hurst Harmonics.
“Nova and I have the goal of just starting the group, we want to start learning music with new people and having fun” said Turpin. Turpin serves as the RSCO’s president and Bolling serves as the Vice President. “Our mission is to have a group of people who love to make music and work as a group. A capella can be an extremely bonding activity, and having a close-knit group is one of our goals” Turpin said about the mission of Hurst Harmonics.
Turpin and Bolling had plans to start the RSCO last semester, but due to having difficulties finding an advisor to sponsor Hurst Harmonics the RSCO did not become official until the end of this January. Since the RSCO is fairly new, they have not had the opportunity to host any events yet. However, the president and vice president are currently thinking of and working on different ideas for future events. The group’s first rehearsal will be held the week of March 13-17, with date and time still to be announced. More information will be available after Spring Break.
If you are on the fence about joining, there is no risk of giving the RSCO a chance. When asked who could join Turpin said, “Literally anyone who can sing, would like to sing, and who is open to learning.”
While Hurst Harmonics has yet to have any events, positive memories have already been created. “Nova and I worked really hard for like three months to get everything moving, and it was the best feeling when our RSCO was approved, and we got people to start signing up!” said Turpin.
“Please sign up! There are fliers in a lot of places, or anyone can reach out to me or Nova through our emails, and” said Turpin. The fliers currently hung around campus for Hurst Harmonics include a QR code which leads to a form students can fill out if they are interested in joining the RSCO.
As details are being finalized, stay tuned for more information about Hurst Harmonics following Spring Break from Turpin and Bolling.