Upcoming “Waves of Life” performance


Samantha Weber, Editor in chief

On April 18 at 8 p.m., the Choreography II class will be putting on a performance for the Mercyhurst and Erie communities. This course further defines all choreographic elements culminating in a performance. Choreographers will produce work under the guidance of the instructor’s parameters, which is a great experience for those who wish to become dance teachers or choreographers when they graduate from college.
All dance majors at Mercyhurst are required to take this course.
This year’s show is titled “Waves of Life.” It represents the theme of human experience relayed through dance, which is a very important topic when talking about performing.
The choreographers did have some requirements when it came to their pieces. The performances had to be 5-8 minutes with a cast of 3-5 dancers. The music they had to select could not have lyrics and the choreographer could not be in their own piece.
This is to help them practice teaching others in their way.
Mia Semieraro, a sophomore dance major with an exercise science minor, is just one of the many people who will be performing. Semieraro said, “My favorite part of preparing for this performance is seeing my vision executed and having it come together so nicely.”
The creative process that the choreographers go through to create their pieces is intense, so it is important that they are recognized for their hard work.
The students are guided through this process by their professor, Solveig Santillano. Santillano is an assistant professor of dance and is well-liked by the students of the dance department. She teaches all the choreography classes in the dance department, so the students become very comfortable with expressing their feelings through dance with her. Some of the pieces are extremely personal to the choreographers. Gabrielle Harris, a sophomore dance major, said, “ The piece I have created, “Coping with Panic” focuses on how people can become reliant on the feeling of anxiety and leave us wondering how to live without it.”
Jillian Pohl, sophomore dance major, said, “I found the inspiration of my piece after finding the music. Most people have a concept and then start from there, but I’ve always been different in this way.”
Not everyone in the class has seen their peer’s choreography, so the performance will be the first time most of them are seeing each other’s work. “I am looking forward to seeing the work of my peers because they are all so creative and I am always very inspired by them,” said Semieraro.
Harris echoed this and said, “I am very excited to see my peer’s choreography! I work alongside such talented and beautiful people who I am excited to share the stage with. I am also excited to see my own piece performed, looking at it as an audience member instead of a choreographer.”
If you want to support the dancers and recognize them for all their hard work, be sure to attend this performance. It will be located in the Palmer Studio of the danceSpace, which is right inside the Zurn doors.
This event is free and it is a chance for dance students to show off all their hard work that they have put into this class so far this semester.