Student voices support for MSG President-VP ticket

This week, students of Mercyhurst will be taking part in the annual Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) executive board elections. Just like in real elections, candidates often times make promises they cannot keep; however, one ticket running for president and vice president is not like this at all.

Any responsible student will see that past MSG experience is key when voting for the presidential candidate. Jeremy Dickey has served on MSG as a Senator since freshman and into sophomore year.

This year, Dickey has assumed the role as the Public Relations Coordinator for MSG and has taken this position far beyond what it used to be. He is responsible for coming up with interactive PR that allowed for VIP passes at events like The Buried Life event in the fall.

Students of Mercyhurst should see that a dedicated individual like him is one that we need to have acting as the president of MSG. He has big plans for MSG and for the students in various sectors including student life, residence life and facility use.

Dickey has indicated that he wants nothing more than to have the most student input on MSG-related changes, projects and proposals than any other MSG president before him. I know that if the student body bands together and votes for Dickey and Reinhard, great things will happen for the most important individuals at Mercyhurst, the students.

We must be responsible and vote for Dickey and Joe Reinhard for MSG president and vice president this week. They are two people who will truly make sure the slogan “we’re your voice” is upheld by MSG in the upcoming year.