Students review Merciad quality

As editors for the Merciad, each week our staff works to produce a paper that is both worthy of this institution and pleasing to the student body.

While the hours are long and the compensation little, we continue to produce the Merciad because it is something we are all genuinely passionate about.

It has come to my attention that the opinion section has come under fire as of late, with some deeming it a section unworthy of being read and merely a soap-box from which a select few spout off their poorly reasoned positions.

I welcome criticism of the work we as a staff produce each week, and instead of being unnerved by such scathing reviews, feel it is my duty to do my job better.

That being said, I welcome those who have complaints about the Merciad or any other topic on campus to submit an article.

Every week students are welcome to voice their opinion, and I would be delighted to receive an article and spark a healthy debate among the student body.

As a member of a student-run paper, I am supremely disappointed by the lack of student interaction and participation in the Merciad.

The opinion section specifically is the forum through which you can advocate for your cause, voice your opinion and be the catalyst for a change on campus.

When I came into this position, what disappointed me most was the fact that previous opinion editors worked with a staff like every other section does. To me, the opinion section should have no standing crew of writers for each week, but rather be able to rely on the student body at large to contribute.

Since this is not the case, and since rarely do students have the initiative to compose a piece for publication, naturally a pool of staff writers must be utilized each week.

If you feel the content of this section is not worthy of the time it takes you to read it, I ask you this: Why have you not personally contributed an article about something you are passionate about?

With no limit on the topic and relatively few restrictions placed on word count, those with such views of this section should feel welcome to contribute at any time. After all, as the opinion editor, I welcome all points of view, even if you don’t.