Job opportunity sheds uplifting light

Jordan ZangaroJordan ZangaroI am sitting at my computer shaking. My hands are sweating, my head is hurting and time is quickly passing as the moment I have been waiting for is just around the corner.

I barely slept at all last night as I mentally obsessed over my first interview for my dream organization that would be taking place the next day. I have fought, cried and worked endless hours for four years for this opportunity and it all comes down to one interview, in one room, on the corner of State and 10th Street.

I have to admit I am shocked by my reaction. I have interviewed for one other opportunity, an internship with a magazine in Pittsburgh, and I barely even flinched as I pulled up to the building. I got the internship and something didn’t feel right about it. I declined.

This, however, is a different story. This is the job I want, the job I worked for. This is Make-a-Wish Foundation, the organization that contributes to changing the lives of children all over the country who deserve a day of carefree bliss.

I left my house today and said to my roommates, “I could come back with a future!” As I got in my car, the words sank in. I actually could come back with a glimmer of hope that the top organization I want to work for may want me.

It is worth the effort. It is worth the stress of not knowing where you are going or who you are. Things work out. I don’t even know if I am the right person for this position or if they will meet me and see something in me that will add to their successful team.

All day, every day, in all of my classes, I am reminded how we are the class that is entering into the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. I was told by one professor that students that enter the professional world during times of economic struggle never catch up to those who do not. As much as I appreciate those uplifting words of miserable reality, today I feel hopeful.

These days, most likely, will come few and far between for the graduating class. We may have to settle for jobs for which we are over-qualified or jobs that are not our dream position. But every now and then you may just feel like the superstar you have worked so hard to be. Hold on to that feeling.