Hurst Day unifies Mercyhurst community

Alexandria Albano, Staff writer

Mercyhurst is a campus with many different avenues for students to participate in to further their interests and have fun.

President Michael Victor created another way for students to have fun during the stressful school year. Hurst Day, which took place on Wednesday, Oct. 7, was a day filled with fun for the entire Mercyhurst community.

Dance major Alexis Nale had very positive feedback about the scavenger hunt portion of the day.

“It brought the childlike fun back into everyone’s lives, which was definitely needed during this crazy semester,” Nale said.

Faculty and staff participated in the events along with the students and it was nice to see them outside enjoying themselves.
This was a great day to de-stress during the middle of the fall semester.

The amount of games and variety were very good and provided many options for students to choose from.

Megan Stubbs, a Forensic Anthropology major, expressed her love for Hurst Day.

“It is also nice to see the staff outside enjoying themselves,” said Stubbs. “It is good that everyone on campus is able to have fun. I think Victor had a brilliant idea.”

Regarding my own experience at Hurst Day, I couldn’t agree more with these students. It was a great way to meet people and see new faces on campus. My friends and I played many games with students we didn’t know and it is always fun to meet new people.

Arguably one of the most important parts of Hurst Day is that it was outside. Events that get students outside of the classrooms are very good. It allowed the community to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and nature.

The event brought the Mercyhurst community together to be united. The turnout was very positive and I haven’t met anyone who didn’t enjoy Hurst Day. It should definitely be a tradition that is continued for the years to come.