Carpe Diem retreat to unite students


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Campus Ministry invites religious and non-religious students on a retreat, intented to help them better understand themselves and others. The retreat is expected to have many surprise activities.

Brittany Smyth, Staff writer

Campus ministry is hosting its fifth Carpe Diem retreat, CD5, from Nov. 6 – 8, at the McKeevers Environmental Center in Sandy Lake, Pa.

Senior Intelligence major Dhedra Danudoro  is one of the 10 leaders of the CD5 retreat and has high hopes for the weekend-long event. Before Danudoro became a Carpe Diem leader, he had attended an earlier Carpe Diem retreat.

“I was incredibly lucky and glad I did the retreat. The group almost left me because I was running late, but the best experience was and always has been meeting new people. I have no regret. It was an incredible experience” Danudoro said.

Danudoro plans to tell his story at the retreat in hopes it will positively affect those present, just the same way he was affected by the leaders of his past retreat.

Danudoro said people might wonder why they should attend the retreat when they can relax or hang out with friends. For him, the retreat is a chance to leave campus and explore something new.

“Aside from taking a break from the crazy academic stuff that’s been going on, it’s getting to know those people [at school] that you didn’t bother saying, ‘hi’ to when you pass by them. I think that you can learn an incredible amount from each individual you meet there,” Danudoro said.

Retreat leaders have set up different activities that will take place throughout the weekend to surprise the students.

Whether or not students have spiritual beliefs, the retreat is intended to help them obtain a better understanding of themselves and others.

“The saying goes, ‘Every single person is a book and has their own story, read it as much as you can.’ I learned a lot about people’s lives from the last retreat I went on, and it’s always interesting and inspiring in some cases,” Danudoro said.

The trip costs $20 for those interested. Students will be provided food, transportation and shelter.

The McKeevers Environmental Center is a 45-minute drive from Mercyhurst and vans will be leaving Nov. 6, at 4 p.m.

For more information on how to reserve a spot may go to Campus Ministry in the Student Union or contact Dhedra Danudoro at