So long, J-Term: Mercyhurst’s new academic calendar an improvement

Maggy Urso, Photo editor

Saying goodbye to J-term is like saying goodbye to an old friend that you were only friends with because your parents forced you to be. It’s not that J-term was terrible, because it wasn’t. It actually helped out a lot of people, especially after the switch from trimesters to semesters. However, the time has come to turn on that one Green Day song and say “peace out, J-term.”

I know there are many students who are emotionally-attached to J-term, and I am not one of them. See, the thing is, I started my college career at a community college. At community college, we had what I like to consider a “normal” academic schedule: Two semesters, spring and fall, and then if you were one of those people who needed more credits or just really enjoyed school, you could take summer classes. I do not know why someone would do that for fun, but to each his/her own.

Last year, I honestly dreaded J-term a little bit. I had a friend who told me about one of her J-term classes from the year before. They had a quiz just about every day and a test at the end of each week for three weeks straight. All I could think was, “Who does that?” But, I guess when you have a class that is normally taught over a span of months, you need to work with the time you’ve got.

I will admit that my J-term last year was actually a fun class. But, I did not like the fact that I was sitting in my car trying to avoid ice and snow drifts on the way back to school, while my friends who went to other schools were still sitting next to the chestnuts roasting on an open fire or ringing in the New Year. I understand that I had the opportunity to go to one of those other schools, but I choose Mercyhurst to “Get the Experience.”

Here’s the deal: Without J-term, students will be able to enjoy a longer winter break, which means more time to spend with family and friends at home. Now, I understand that some people like being able to get away from their families after those few weeks of break. However, there is a solution: this change in the academic schedule will allow for two weeks during break where students can go on planned trips to further their education. All you will have to do is convince one of your professors to plan said trip.

There is also the option of getting a job and telling your parents you have to go back early to work. Or, you can just go back early and binge watch Netflix, no judgment of course. You decide how you want to use this newly available time in the school year.