Lack of respect between students and faculty needs to be addressed

Amber Matha, Staff writer

More often than not, I feel disrespected by professors on campus. I understand that I am a student and I do not have the years of academic experience of a professor.

However, I am in the process of gaining the experience I need, and that, I feel, deserves some recognition. In recent events, I have felt like my needs were being ignored, I have felt personally insulted and have been witness to my peers being disrespected behind their backs.

To be clear, not every professor is guilty of this disrespect and I have had many fond encounters with faculty, but the instances of disrespect make me less likely to go to these particular professors for assistance. I feel that the reason respect for students is on the decline is due to the equal lack of respect some students tend to have for our professors.

I ran into an issue where a piece of my work was insulted by a professor who did not allow me to explain fully myself. I work very hard to produce the best end product that I can in all of my classes and extracurricular activities, and most people who know me know this to be true. I take serious offense to insults on my work because of the extreme level of effort I put into what I do.

Because of this incident, I have considered not putting in as much effort into my work where this situation occurred. However, that is not in my personality and I cannot bring myself to do so. Rather, I find that I am working just as hard in spite of this disrespect to prove that my work is above such a low criticism.

I know that my mindset on being disrespected is not shared among most of my peers. Many students, when feeling disrespected by a faculty member, will reciprocate the action and the situation snowballs into negative feelings between professor and student.

I believe that there must be a unified effort to bring the level of respect for both students and professors back to a professional level. Students are here to learn from professors and to be raised up in understanding, not to be torn down for their ignorance. Likewise, professors deserve respect for spending their time enlightening students with their knowledge. We are all scholars and should treat each other as such.