Women’s lacrosse team fundraises $3,300 with Bingo

Marco Cicchino, Staff Writer

The women’s Lacrosse team hosted their annual bingo night to promote Vera Bradley products and raise funds for the team.

After an intense two weeks of sales and some technical difficulties at the event’s beginning, a crowd of nearly 300 filed into a reorganized Laker Inn this past Saturday, Feb. 6, under the banner of

“Not Your Average Vera Bradley Bingo Night”. This year, it was designed to draw a new audience into the festivities and make an attempt in accruing more revenue.
From the beginning, the goal was to drive some additional profit into the system. The idea had circulated under Cecil Pilson, the head women’s lacrosse coach for the previous 11 years as the team’s only fundraiser.

“It was originally the idea because Vera Bradley bags are really popular and we wanted to get a lot of girls in here,” said senior Marketing major Taylor Santiago.

“We carried it into a ‘Not So Average’ Bingo this year because we wanted more guys to come and we did sell all our tickets.”
An array of 23 baskets were displayed in front of the Firehouse Grill, each connected to a single round of Bingo. Prizes ranged from a collection of Mercyhurst Athletics apparel, to a spa and stress relief basket and a selection of Jim Boeheim memorabilia.

The male-oriented baskets that were displayed this year attracted a larger crowd and consequently  generated more revenue. The event was completely operated by the team, with all the players getting involved.

Freshmen Exercise Science major, Nellie Dephtereos said that the decision boiled down to what would generate revenue.

“We wanted to make more money fundraising. There’s 33 of us on the team, we each got ten tickets and they’re each $10. It equates to nearly $3,300 in revenue for the team,” Dephtereos said.

Senior intelligence major Emily Koestler was the main bingo caller, splitting time with Senior Marketing major Emily Gebhardt and Santiago. Twelve freshmen acting as “runners”, repeating called numbers, collecting used tickets, and modeled off the prizes.

Dephtereos attributed the overall success to the amicability of the team and had high praise for her friends and soon-to-be teammates.

“Our group of girls made it work. We’re all very outgoing, we know how to get out in the community, we’re all friendly. Everyone respects us on campus.”

Dephtereos also believes the event provided a positive vibe heading into the new season.

“I think this is a very positive vibe. It’s a great start of the season, we’ve had a great preseason so far. We just completed our first week of practice and we look really good.” Santiago said.

“We did a lot as a team and working together to get this going, so I think it’s good camaraderie going into the season.”