Student discusses ideal Springfest experience

Cheyanne Crum, Staff writer

When first hearing about Springfest last year as a freshman, I was super excited.

Everyone made it sound like it was this big party in between classes with this awesome concert at the end of the night.

I was slightly disappointed when the day I had been waiting for finally arrived and I discovered it looked just like every other outdoor event Mercyhurst holds throughout the year.

I was even more disappointed a few months beforehand when they announced the artist that would be performing at the concert.
There is a budget that comes with these things of course, but it seems as though the campus is not sure where to allocate those funds to get the most for their money.

Those awkward yard games that families play at reunions are not exactly what I was expecting when I left my dorm excited for the day.
Now, of course there were cool activities like one henna artist, yes one, for the whole school and music playing and food, making the campus smell amazing. But these things just did not add up to the hype. It just reminded me of all the Friday night events.

My ideal Springfest would, first of all, have Maroon 5 as the headliner (yes, wishful thinking, I know), but who does not like Maroon 5?

But realistically, there are a lot of bands that come in the same price range as T-pain ($35,000 to $45,000), such as Andy Grammer, Plain White-T’s, All Time Low, and various country singers like Craig Morgan and Diamond Rio.

There are so many great bands that have prices even less than that. We the Kings are $15,000 to $25,000.
Classes should be canceled for the day, making it easier for students to enjoy what is going on, not making them listen to the fun while sitting in a stuffy classroom.

Now that we have seen President Victor’s ’Hurst Day, how can we go back to having the sad affair that was Springfest? I want all the tents with different food and some bouncy houses. There should be games and contests and all sorts of activities throughout the day.

Now that the bomb has been dropped about Daya and MTKO performing at Springfest, I cannot wait to see the reactions of my classmates.

I personally am okay with the choice in music, I just hope there will be changes to the rest of the day.