Hillary or Trump: Who’s better?

Casey Montana, Contributing writer

Now that election season is right around the corner and the slanderous commercials are in full swing, America has one of the biggest decisions to make this coming November.

After a year full of debates and shocking news footage of presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the opposing political parties within America, have quite the situation to handle.

After proposing to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and ridiculing multiple media members with insensitivity and inaccuracy,

Trump somehow managed to become the Republican presidential nominee.

At first these far-fetched ideas did shock me, and honestly, I thought they shocked everyone. However, as time went on, I noticed more and more people, even my peers, supporting his proposed policies.

While many people do agree with the notion that his ideas do not represent America, this election has somehow went from “I choose the right candidate” to “I choose the lesser of two evils.”

The presidential candidates should represent America in the best light, and the candidates each have their negative qualities, but Clinton proves to be much more qualified and educated than Trump.

She has worked within the political system for years and has an extensive education. She has the best résumé and experience in comparison to her opponents.

As a former Bernie Sanders supporter, I find that a ton of people assume that I would automatically support her because she is a Democrat. But when one of the other candidates plans to segregate the country and bring back sexist ideals, of course I am going to vote for the next candidate who plans to actually help the country.

It is extremely difficult to support a presidential nominee who plans to deport millions of Americans and suppress multiple minorities further.

Honestly, Trump is one of the most difficult people to truly understand and to support, mainly because of his ego and his ignorant comments. Ever since the beginning of his campaign I have noticed differing attitudes towards him, and I never really understood the logic behind supporting his campaign.

Right now it seems like the simple momentary majority is controlling the government solely on impulse. The United States of America was built off the idea that every human being is ethically dualistic and they have both good and bad sides.

Each branch of government — executive, legislative and judicial — was built to control power and limit the other’s ability to tyrannize. Sadly, Trump wants to create more factions within America, which would then cause more conflict in a time when all we need is peace.

The republic we live in grants the right to be represented as we choose, but now it has become evident that Trump runs his campaign on fear and prejudice. He adjusts his campaign based on what the majority of people think is good for the country, instead of adjusting to appeal of the common good of the country based on evidence and logic.

Clinton’s campaign can be argued against in a similar manner, but I trust she understands basic politics enough to know that presidency is more than giving the people what they want; it is about giving the country what is best.

I do understand that everyone has separate views and they have the right to express them, but in terms of qualification and presidential quality, Hillary Clinton is exponentially better.

As an American, I find Trump’s platform painful to even listen to. His policy regarding immigrants is almost the dumbest idea I have ever heard, and his sexist attitude makes me cringe.

Trump started off as a joke no one really took seriously, but now he is fairly close to presidency, and I am 100 percent against the thought of our country becoming more sexist, racist and ignorant.