‘Gilmore Girls’ makes a comeback

Jordan Pendel, Staff writer

Gilmore Girls has been on my Netflix “to-watch” list for a long time, and my friends have always mentioned how I would love the series. When I heard they were making a four-episode revival I knew it was finally time to start my journey with the Gilmores.

Boy, am I glad I did because it has easily become one of my favorite shows.

If you do not already know, each 90-minute episode of the revival was titled and set in a different season starting with winter and ending with fall.

Of course, any fan would have loved to see more episodes.  No one wants to see their favorite show end. I think it works well with how long each one was.

I laughed, I cried and even though there has been a nine- year hiatus, the feel of the show was still the same and it was very comforting.

I was afraid, because of the time span, that the actors would not be able to get into character again, but it was like the series never ended.

Thankfully, all of Lorelai’s sarcasm was present. I strive to be that witty and sarcastic.

Every character you can remember made an appearance. Even Edward Herrmann was in a flashback scene Rory was having, which made me cry some more.

There were many characters from the original series that I was not even expecting to make an appearance like Digger, Caesar and Francie.

I love seeing people come back even if it is for a short time.

Paris is my favorite character from the series.  It was nice seeing Paris be her brutally honest self again.

One person I could not get over was Zach, Lane’s husband. I had to look up his age, and he is only 39 but he looked so old I could not believe it. So much gray hair.

Also I was very glad that Hep Alien performed a song. Did you know the dog that played Paul Anka in seasons six and seven even returned? His name is Sparky— how cute is that!

I was very proud of Emily for keeping the same maid all four episodes. I do not think she has ever kept a maid for so long before.

Her story arc with the absence of Richard was heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. Kelly Bishop did an amazing job and she was definitely the woman who stole the show.

I had to stop watching “Fall” half way through because I knew the post-series depression was slowly approaching and I just did not want it to end.

I also cried non-stop from the moment the Life and Death Brigade arrived. Even though those boys were kind of a mess in the original series, it was nice seeing them interact with Rory again. In omnia paratus, anyone?

I am still in shock over those last four words that Amy Sherman-Palladino had planned before she left the series. We were literally Gilmored.

I understand that now everything comes back full circle, but I wish it would not have ended on a cliffhanger!

It is nice that they set it up in a way where there can be more episodes, but I do not think there will be any more.

Sherman-Palladino waited all these years to have those words end the series, so why create more episodes?

Overall I am glad the revival happened. It was nice to be back in Stars Hollow again even if it was for just six hours.