Trump presidency prompts promise and concerns

Mathew Jury, Staff writer

Well, it is official. Donald J. Trump is the new U.S. president. To some, he is the perfect leader to “Make America Great Again.”

To others, he is perceived as a threat to human rights worldwide and will plunge us into global nuclear warfare. While I feel Trump was the better option compared to Hillary Clinton, I still hold several reservations about the man, not even including some of the deplorable things he has said about women, minorities and probably everyone else.

I will start by discussing the pros of a Trump presidency. Primarily, Mr. Trump seems to be making progress in the eradication of abortion. In the first week, he reinstated and expanded the global gag rule, which prohibits U.S. funded global health organizations from providing abortion.

I attended this year’s March for Life in D.C. and I can attest to what appears to be a greater acknowledgment of the pro-life cause by our leadership.

Vice President Mike Pence was one of the speakers at the pre-march rally where he stated that Mr. Trump means business when it comes to his promise of defunding Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions.

Now that I have got my single reason for choosing Trump at the election, I feel it is important to discuss several flaws I see in the Trump presidency so far. First of all, one issue I found myself in conflict with my fellow conservatives is regarding the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.

As many people know, this pipeline would go through land held as sacred to several indigenous peoples of America. If there was one thing America has always gotten wrong, it is the way we have handled the people whom we wrongfully invaded and chased out centuries ago.

Many Native Americans live trapped in a state of poverty in run down reservations. At the very least, we need to respect what sacred lands our first peoples have left.

Therefore, the most disappointing thing I have heard so far from Mr. Trump is his executive order to advance the pipeline’s construction. I hope someone can convince Mr. Trump to reroute the pipe such that it does not desecrate Native lands.

My other major concern I have about Mr. Trump is his nominee for U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. I agree with her regarding the subject of school choice and probably prefer private education. However, DeVos has little to no experience in politics and has expressed ignorance in important issues of education.

The deal breaker for me was her lack of knowledge regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in which she did not know it was actually law.

I am legally disabled, and  IDEA was able to provide me with the services necessary to allow my ability to flourish in school, ultimately getting me here in the first place. I worry that with DeVos in office, education for the disabled may be at some degree of risk.

If there is any Trump pick I must reject, it would be her. DeVos has no understanding of public education and has no reason to hold the position Trump proposes.

Ultimately, I feel Trump’s presidency will be better than our previous presidency. At the very least, Trump’s presidency will not ask faithful Catholics to compromise their views on the sanctity of life and marriage.

I am cautiously optimistic that his presidency will see the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

However, I will still call out Mr. Trump whenever he proposes something that is clearly objectively wrong and will stand against his proposals. No leader is perfect and it is up to us, the people, to make the difference in the world.

Regardless of his flaws, he is our president and we need to accept his leadership, warts and all.