School spirit is better than student recently expected

Lauren Abbott, Staff writer

As the weather gets colder and more and more snow seems to appear every day, it can seem hard to find fun and enjoyable things to do on campus until the sun shows up again.  Going to sporting events always seem to be a student favorite.

Jan. 27 was the spirit hockey game against Niagara University, and Mercyhurst Lakers fans certainly showed up in force.

The student section was packed, the band was playing and there was an abundance of signs and face paint throughout the crowd.  MSG did a fantastic job orchestrating this event and made it a truly entertaining experience.

Throughout the game you could feel the excitement of the fans and overall high spirits throughout the arena. Also that weekend was a wrestling match against East Stroudsburg.

Before going to the wrestling match, I was expecting there to be maybe a handful of students there cheering on our team.  I know when I was in high school, if 10 people showed up it was a good turnout.

I was surprised to see that there were a lot of people there cheering on our boys. I went with a friend to this match and she was surprised at how interesting it was to watch, despite hearing that wrestling was boring.  I knew a little bit about wrestling from watching my brother wrestle but I was still a little confused at times.

This past Friday, on Feb. 3,  there was both a wrestling match against Kutztown and a hockey game against Sacred Heart.  Both were scheduled at the same time as one another.

Knowing there was a hockey game going on, I did not think there would be nearly as many people at the wrestling match as there were the week before.

I was really shocked to find that there were even more people at this match than the one I had attended previously.

I would have to say one of my favorite parts of the match were the two guys who came in with pots and spoons chanting for Mercyhurst.

The excitement throughout the match was tangible, especially with the pots and spoons clanging anytime Mercyhurst scored some points.

The match ended with a win by a pin in the heavyweight class and everyone— teammates and spectators alike— were standing and cheering.  It was the most exciting match I have seen here so far.

It was great seeing so many people get so pumped and turn out for a sport that often gets overlooked.

If I have learned anything these past two weekends, it is that Mercyhurst students know how to come out and support our sports teams, no matter the weather.