WebAdvisor to be replaced in Fall term


Elizabeth Shewan

In the fall, a new program will be replacing WebAdvisor. The new program, Self Service for Students, will fix problems students have with WebAdvisor in the past.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” said Michele Wheaton, Registrar, “(to) make the lives of the students easier and more attractive.”

The new program will have the same basic function as WebAdvisor, allowing students to register for classes and view their academic profile. However, it will be more user friendly and more visually appealing.

The program will also introduce features previously not available to students. For example, the wait-listing function will make getting into classes easier. Rather having to continually check if a spot has opened, students will be able to join a waitlist and be notified when there is an opening

Students will also be able to view a full course description when looking at classes, instead of just a course title and description as it is now.

An important feature will be program evaluations. The new program will help students, taking into consideration their major, develop a four-year plan, and tell students what courses they will need to take and when. Students will then be able to plot required courses on a calendar. By the Fall semester, all departments will have a program plan, making this feature possible. There is also the potential for new features to be added.

“As we move forward I believe more and more items will be available for self-service,” said Wheaton. She added that Mercyhurst is always trying to keep up with changing technology.

The new program will also make the process of applying for graduation easier. Currently, the process in place is not very efficient. In the future, students will be able to apply for graduation and enter the relevant information all in the same place.

A pilot group of students will use the new program for registration in the spring. It will be available to all students in the fall.

It seems like Self Service for Students will be a help in registering and planning for classes.