Movie location questionable

Jordan Pendel, Staff writer

I was walking out of class one day and saw a sign that the Student and Multicultural Activities Councils (SAC/MAC) were showing “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” I thought about how perfect that was since it has been out for months, and I still haven’t gone to see it. Then I saw where they were showing it.

I have mixed feelings about the event. Pros: The movie. Cons: The location. To do my best in not offending anyone, I will start with some pros.

The movie choice is great. Everyone loves Harry Potter, so the spin off was the perfect thing to show. Why not sit around with some other muggles and watch witches and wizards do magic?

Although the location choice seems odd, it is nice that they are giving away blankets and cotton candy to people. The movie showing gives students something to do on a Saturday night without having to spend a ton of money on tickets and candy. Movie theaters can be expensive and we are college students. We can’t be throwing out $5 on a small popcorn.

To me, the Student Union Great Room seemed like an odd place to show a movie, let alone a very popular movie that many people are probably going to go see. The Great Room isn’t necessarily a large room to hold a ton of people.

There’s what, a couple of couches and some chairs already in the room? SAC/MAC would have to bring a lot of chairs to hold all the people attending. Unless they don’t bring chairs and make the students sit on the hard floor.

If that’s the case I would need to bring a lot of blankets to make that space more comfortable. It seems like more of a hassle to the planners if they bring in chairs to set everything up. Of course, maybe this does not bother them since they have to set up other weekend events. I’m just trying to look out for you guys.

Why not show the movie in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) or a lecture room, somewhere that has permanent seating and a lot more room than the Student Union?

The PAC would be the perfect place to hold these movie events. The seating is a lot comfier than the floor and the screen is probably a lot bigger too.

I don’t know the rules in securing these rooms, or if it is even possible, but I think it’s something they could consider. SAC/MAC would save time from setting up and putting away all the seating for students.

I haven’t been to one of the events where they show a movie in the Student Union, but it just does not seem like the best location choice.

SAC/MAC probably has an estimate of how many people usually attend movie nights like this, so maybe the location is dependent on that. I did not know they showed movies for events, and definitely think they should do this more often. The location is just what seems like an odd choice to me.

Overall, great movie choice, but maybe consider other locations?