Campbell plans for life after graduation



Janelle Campbell, who is from Jamaica, is a senior Intelligence Studies major, minoring in Criminal Justice.

Mari Koguma, Contributing writer

Janelle Campbell is set to graduate this May with a degree in Intelligence Studies and a minor in Criminal Justice. Campbell came from Jamaica to enroll in the Intelligence Program here.

“When I was in high school, my college adviser recommended me to apply to Mercyhurst after hearing the reputation of the Intelligence program,” Campbell said.

Campbell decided to apply to figure out whether the Intelligence program was a good fit for her.

After coming to Mercyhurst, she found that the program worked for her.

Campbell is not only active in her academic life, but she also gets involved in different Mercyhurst communities.

“I like to get involved because it’s always good to have something that keeps you busy,” Campbell said.

Campbell is the head of the Students of the Caribbean Association (SOCA). The aim of SOCA is to spread the Caribbean culture to Mercyhurst hoping that more people will participate, allowing the group to grow more in the future.

Some activities that the organization has participated in include organizing bake sales to raise money towards Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti, and visiting the Organization of African and Caribbean Students (OAS) at Penn State Behrend to participate in their events.

Culture is important to Campbell.

“Appreciate the different cultures and try to be open-minded to everything,” Campbell said.

Campbell said she has a hard time during the cold winters at Mercyhurst, but other than that, she fully enjoys the university life. Campbell said she loves meeting new friends and enjoys her major regardless of the hard work.

Campbell said she is confident about what she got out of her four years at Mercyhurst, including her personal growth, establishment of independence, new friendships, learning how to push herself to the limits and achievement a bachelor’s degree.

“(I have) no regrets,” Campbell said, with a smile on her face.

After graduation, she is thinking about getting a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.