’Hurst students explore Ireland



Mercyhurst students Bridget Jacob and Josephine Wright take a 14-mile bike ride around the Aran Islands in Ireland.

Josephine Wright, Contributing writer

Attending the Mercyhurst study abroad program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As I look back on my time spent in Ireland, I have a hard time choosing one favorite experience. There have been so many unforgettable adventures, giving a range of Irish experiences, as we explored various cities.

Approaching the end of my time here, I look back and reflect with a smile on my face. As I experienced the Irish culture, it changed my outlook on life.

Speaking to the locals and living within the Irish community helped me gain a sense what it means to be Irish. Traveling abroad, as we had the opportunity to explore different countries, gave me the confidence to travel alone.

Dungarvan, the small town where we stayed, welcomed us with open arms. Fellow Mercyhurst students became family as we took classes together, traveled together, lived together and enjoyed Easter dinner together.

Missing the ’Hurst, and Stone Wednesday, we created our own tradition at a local bar called the Anchor. While making friends with the bartenders, we enjoyed a pint of Guinness and listened to “Party in the U.S.A.”

With less than a week left, we are seizing every opportunity that comes our way, including horseback riding, sailing and a farewell dinner.

One of my favorite trips was to Galway. We began the weekend with a stop at the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever seen.

While Ireland is known for being cold, rainy and cloudy, we had fantastic weather. It was warm and sunny, making the view from the cliffs even more amazing. We then headed for the Aran Islands, and spent the day cycling around the countryside, and were able to see seals along the coast.

Every week here has been unforgettable, and filled with amazing opportunities. Even the days spent in Dungarvan were exciting, whether we rode bikes on the Greenway and headed to the beach, or went to the local farmers market for homemade crepes and local fish and cheese.

Studying in Ireland has been incredible, and I highly recommend it, for this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Carpe Diem.