Rock Out fizzles out

Amber Matha, Editor in chief

Rock Out Erie has been a great community builder over the past summer.

I found my first rock after coming back from my internship in Georgia when I went to Presque Isle State Park with a friend. It was not even originally from Erie; it was painted by someone from Buffalo.

I was ecstatic when I heard that Mercyhurst was going to do a similar campaign to introduce the Class of 2021 to campus during welcome week.

What I was disappointed to discover was that this #RockOutMercyhurst idea was short lived. No other rocks were hidden after the originals were all found.

If Mercyhurst really “rocks,” like President Victor said in his video about #RockOutMercyhurst, maybe an event could be planned where students are allowed to paint their own rocks and hide them on campus.

I truly hope that #RockOutMercyhurst becomes a new, fun thing for students to do on campus.

Like Merciad staff writer Rebecca Dunphy wrote last week in her opinion piece about the RockOut movement, “(the rocks) represent something we need to see more of in today’s divisive social and political climate: positivity that transcends all differences.”