Laker Vapor too slow

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

Laker Vapor is awful.

It’s slow, unreliable and often borderline unusable.

I’m not the first student to say this. You have probably heard friends complain about it, and even the Merciad has previously printed opinion pieces about how bad the Wi-Fi at Mercyhurst is.

However, it bears repeating that the Wi-Fi at Mercyhurst is truly awful.

To start with, the Wi-Fi at Mercyhurst is incredibly slow.

There are times where you can get lucky and have an hour or two of good internet speeds but before you know it, the Wi-Fi slows to a dead crawl, and in some cases it all but dies.

It makes for an incredibly frustrating experience where the user is always paranoid, uncertain if they’ll be able to finish a simple download before the Wi-Fi completely dies.

If you’re trying to download something important, listen to music or if you are just trying to play games, you better pray that the Wi-Fi feels like working when you need it, or you’re out of luck.

There have been times where I have simply wanted to watch an episode on Netflix and have been unable to do so because the Wi-Fi was so slow that it was impossible.

It’s not just the speed that’s the problem, it’s the lack of consistent Wi-Fi coverage across campus.

Try getting a consistent internet connection in Garvey Park, or pretty much any area of campus that’s not one of the major buildings.

It seems that the second you step outside one of the buildings, your chances of getting a consistent internet connection drops to zero.

It’s infuriating to never have a consistent connection to the internet at Mercyhurst.

I believe it is time for Mercyhurst to improve its Wi-Fi. While I’m certainly not the most tech-savvy millennial out there, I do know enough about how Wi-Fi works to know that there’s no magic way to fix the internet at Mercyhurst overnight.

However it’s something that needs to be done.

Having a slow internet connection can be such a hinderance to students that are working on research projects or just trying to Google sources for a paper.

Mercyhurst is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as the student body gets bigger, this is an issue that’s just going to get worse and worse.

If this is how bad it is now, imagine how bad it will be in two or three years if the student population continues to swell.

President Victor has made renovating the facilities of Mercyhurst one of his top priorities, and I think that he should look into renovating Laker Vapor for the sake and sanity of all students and staff.