Advising Day delights

Lauren Rogus, Staff writer

How did advising day go for all you Lakers?

Many students think that Advising Day was so much easier than in prior years.

Lea Moffatt, a junior Special Education and early Childhood Education double major, said, “I feel as though the new Student Planning tool is so much easier to navigate and use compared to the old system. As technology is becoming more advanced, our systems of doing things should match that.”

Although I’m a freshman and this is my first time scheduling, I’ve heard the stories from upperclassmen about how scheduling used to be done — by filling out multiple copies of a schedule and getting it signed off on.

The old way seems very inefficient, and I’m glad we’ve moved toward an online version that streamlines the process and eases some of the anxiety of scheduling.

Similarly, Faith Ehidiamhen, a senior Political Science major with a concentration in International Studies, said, “Using the new system of self service was so much easier than the way we had to use the paper scheduling. It is so much better.”

Katrina Amman-Ross, a Special Education and Early Childhood Education double major, said, “I did not like the paper way we did advising day last year.”

Emma Werner, a freshman Intelligence major, said, “It was really efficient and fast.”

It seems that many Lakers feel that Advising Day was so much better than past years.

Personally, I had a great advising day. Due to my minor and double major, I have a lot of courses I need to take.

I thought it would be challenging to configure a schedule around my majors and minor.

I am so excited to get scheduled for next semester because self service has my next four years planned out.

I also can see if I have room in my schedule to study abroad — and I am happy to hear that I do have room, even with all my classes.

Advising Day, though I thought it would be hard, was truly easy and helpful because of Self Service and how user friendly it is.

I also felt it was so exciting to see the variety of courses I can take for my REACH.

I am really looking forward to my religion and history courses; I think they will be very insightful.

Having a whole day off for Advising Day was super helpful because I have two advisers and meeting with them on top of having class would be a lot.

Plus, I really liked having Halloween off as it is my favorite holiday and I got to watch Halloween movies.

I hope we continue to have Halloween off as it was a day of rest and relaxation for me and many others.

I hope most Lakers had a similar experience as we journey into the spring semester. Happy scheduling!