OneCard portal causes issues

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

At the moment, it is impossible to see your current OneCard balance on the OneCard portal on Mercyhurst’s website.

This is completely ridiculous. The fact that it has not been fixed yet is maddening, and it reveals a critical flaw in the way that Mercyhurst runs its website.

Before, you could just go onto the OneCard portal and you could see your balance on the bottom half of the page. Now all you get is an error on that lower half.

I am not the only one that has experienced this. This article came about because multiple members of the Merciad have experienced this problem.

The reasons why this is an issue are obvious.

For one, it heavily inconveniences students who use the OneCard currencies on a regular basis.

Instead of being able to just look up your balance online, you now have to either reach out to the university or have your card scanned at the Grotto Commons or the Laker to find your balance.

It also reveals how little attention is paid to certain parts of the Mercyhurst website.

This has been a standing issue for weeks, but we have not heard anything about it, not even an email acknowledging the issue.

I think it is absurd that this issue has been standing for weeks, and not only is it still not fixed, but the university does not seem to know it even exists.

While this is ultimately far from the worst thing in the world, it is an issue and it reveals a crucial flaw with the Mercyhurst portal — namely, that the university is not paying enough attention to it.