Unity week a success

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

One thing I’ve always loved about Mercyhurst is the way that we celebrate diversity.

The ability to celebrate our differences has always been a strength at Mercyhurst.

One of the recent ways in which Mercyhurst has celebrated its diversity was with Unity Week, which was held from February 19-23.

For Unity Week, Mercyhurst faculty and students not only held events all over campus designed to promote inclusiveness and educate people on issues such as privilege, they also put up fliers and posters encouraging diversity.

While I wasn’t able to attend every event that was held, the ones I did go to were wonderful.

They all helped to educate and inform people on issues while also being engaging and interesting.

I felt that the Privilege Walk was one of the most creative and important events of the week.

Events like that are a reminder for a lot of us that not everyone has had the same circumstances throughout their lives as we have had.

I think it’s easy for a lot of us to forget about privilege.

For many people, it’s something that never even crosses their mind.

I think that things like Unity Week can educate people on these issues and create a more unified community overall.

Whether it be the big things, such as the Black-Out event, where students wore black as a sign of solidarity and unity, or the small things, like the signs that were put up all over campus encouraging embracing others, I feel that this week has been a huge positive for campus.

I feel that events such as Unity Week are needed.

Unity Week was not only a reminder of the importance of diversity, it was also a call to action to fight discrimination and hatred wherever it arises.

I would love to see similar events held in the future.