Spring is kinda here!

Logan Ford, Staff writer

I like the snow. I like it more than many people.

But I am also glad to see it go at a certain point.

One of the region’s best selling points is the changing of the seasons.

As we move into spring, we here at Mercyhurst will actually see the sun again, and the gray that has been here since November will change to livelier colors.

The sky will be blue, the grass will be greener, and flowers will add a vibrant color here and there.

With the increased temperature and brighter color also will bring cabin fever to those who do not already have it.

With only a little over a month left until the end of semester, students are getting anxious for their last final to be turned in.

That last month is still filled to the brim with events and activities, though.

For classes without final exams, final presentations and projects are all being assigned.

SpringFest is approaching, Advising Day is practically here, and seniors all have had graduation on the mind for months already!

There’s no doubt Erie deserves this spring after its record-breaking winter, but students here still have many things left on their to-do list before summer arrives.