Letter to the Editor: MSG vote about RCR committee upsets student

Emma Kindschuh, Service and Honors RSCOs RCR representative

Our Mercyhurst Student Government senators are at a pivotal point in their careers.

With upcoming elections, one would think that they would be doing everything in their best interest to create a positive image of the work that they are doing to improve our school as a whole.

This however is not the case.

Unbeknownst to many of you, our elected senators chose to veto a proposal that would benefit our student body as a whole in order to ensure that their own personal power was kept.

At the last senate meeting, our elected senators rejected the proposal to include the newly founded RSCO Council of Representatives (RCR) into the MSG family.

By doing so, the proposal would reduce the number of seats in the MSG Senate to include the new RCR members while also providing a larger platform for RSCOs to be heard on.

This council was created last fall to improve the relationship between university clubs and organizations with MSG and was the main platform for incoming MSG President Vince Marazzo.

The vote ultimately ended in a 10-12 decision, missing the needed 2/3rds majority, with the following senators voting against the proposal: Brittany Warren, Mitchell Marsh, Hannah Gibson,
Meghan Maker, Noelle Zesky, Katie Johnston, Kenzie Grenell, Grace Simpson, Kimberly Kramer, and Faith Ehidiamhen.

By choosing to strike down the inclusion of the RCR into MSG, these senators have shown where their true allegiance lies: to themselves and NOT our student body.

With elections coming up, I ask you to keep in mind this incident and ask yourself if you truly want another MSG Senate with people who do not put our university and student interest first but
rather themselves OR will you take this disgrace and allow it to light a fire inside of yourself and cause a change for the good of our university by ousting these senators and replacing them
with people who truly do want the best for our campus.