Summer closing

Daniel Leonard, Staff writer

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are bracing ourselves for the unavoidable collision between exam week and spring fever, but find a little comfort with summer being right around the corner.

While some students look forward to earning a little extra cash at a part-time job or starting an internship to gain valuable experience, those of us staying on campus to take classes or work have a new issue to stress about.

In the summer, the Cohen Student Health Center closes.

Students have to figure out another option for health care.

For the minor things such as a headache or sore throat, lack of campus health care probably doesn’t make a difference.

For the bigger things, such as monthly prescriptions or more serious illnesses or emergencies, the closure is another story.

Recently, Mercyhurst has shifted its focus to spending money on things the administration believes benefit the students.

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen our university spare no expense on renovations.

But where does the health of the students who have chosen to spend more time on campus fit in?

Mercyhurst understands that dealing with health care can be stressful when away from home, for both students and the parents who worry.

Our university works hard to ensure that any student who needs it has easy access to it during the fall and winter semesters, but that care disappears during summer.

I suggest that the administration should consider keeping the Health Center at least partially staffed over the summer to show that the health and well-being of students who are here in the summer means as much to the school as keeping students healthy in the winter.