Summer allows retrospection

For better or worse, we have at last reached the end of the year. For some of us, this means the end of our college careers and the beginning of a new stage of life: graduate school, apartment living, work or marriage.

For others, the conclusion of spring term is more like a reprieve. We are allowed time at home with friends and family, a return to part-time jobs and long relaxing hours and a chance to forget that we ever heard of Aristotle, imaginary numbers or correct in-text citation.

This year, especially, we are also given time to reflect. The 2010-11 year has been, in many ways, a memorable one for our campus family. We have suffered great losses, both as a community and as individuals. We have observed incredible triumphs and frustrating defeats. Most recently, we witnessed the fall of the tyrant who made his mark on our generation ten years ago. Never let it be said that Mercyhurst College cannot come together when the need arises.

So, even as we gleefully stoke that first summer bonfire with our class handouts, I think there are some lessons learned this year, which should not be situated in the ‘to burn’ pile. It is difficult, with all that we have going on in our lives here at school, to look at our experiences, who we were in September versus who we are now, and to really see the change that has taken place. If nothing else, summer allows us a chance to do just that.