Does secret society pose threat to campus safety

A couple years back, a staff writer for The Merciad wrote an article on a supposed Mercyhurst secret society called Rho Mu Beta. This group can also be classified as an underground fraternity. Although this group appears to be harmless for the most part, they still operate on campus in violation of the RSCO process.

I also have evidence of this group circulating flyers in McAuley Hall in an effort to attract more members into their group.

When I first heard about Rho Mu Beta earlier this year as a freshman, I was fascinated. But then, as I began an investigation into their activities, I found that this group is far more dangerous than they paint themselves to be. First of all, secret groups mean secret rituals, and secret rituals mean hazing.

Hazing is still prevalent in college fraternities and sororities around the country as well as in college athletics. I have no doubt in my mind that Rho Mu Beta has some indoctrination ritual, which prospective members have to complete and endure. That, my fellow Mercyhurst students, is hazing, which is illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

They have an unofficial Wikipedia page which is complete with their logo – their Latin motto is “Haud Hostes Hostium.” This translates to “By no means the enemy.” Well, in my book, this group is the enemy. We have no room for secret societies and cults here at Mercyhurst College.

Supposedly, this all-male secret society has members who are active alumni and in the intelligence studies program.

The Wikipedia page on Rho Mu Beta claims the society follows the mission and ideals of the college. Well, Brothers of Rho Mu Beta, if you’re so harmless, why not respond to these charges of hazing? I call for student conduct to launch an investigation into this group and to refer any and all evidence of hazing to Police and Safety.