Baker excited to take on new Mission

Daniel Leonard, Staff writer

Greg Baker, Ph.D., director of Campus Ministry, has been named the next vice president for Mission Integration at Mercyhurst.

The current vice president, Sister Lisa Mary McCartney, is stepping back to a part-time role, marking the end of the era of full-time Sisters of Mercy at Mercyhurst.

“Ever since I learned of my new appointment, I have had mixed feelings,” Baker said.

“I am humbled by it and excited about the ways in which I can contribute to Mercyhurst through my new position,” he said. “The students at Mercyhurst have been and will continue to be one of the most profound blessings in my life.”

Despite his worries about having less student interaction in his new position, Baker is sure that this new position is what is meant to be at this time in his life.

“The other side of this coin, and one of the main reasons why this new position makes sense at this point, is that in my new role my evenings and weekends will not be quite as consumed with student meetings and events,” Baker said.

As a well-known presence for his work with Campus Ministry, Baker has become a pillar of the organization and will be dearly missed by many students who have been involved there.

Elizabeth McGreevy, sophomore Hospitality Management major, is someone who knows how sincerely Baker had an impact in the Campus Ministry realm.

As a leader in the weekly fellowship meetings, she said, “Baker has such a presence here. I am sad to see him go, but at the same time I am very excited to see him move up in his faith life.”

Baker plans to maintain a role that is closely tied to his old position, and remain accessible to all students.

“I will be very active behind the scenes as an advocate for Campus Ministry, and I will work very hard to support our wonderful Campus Ministry staff so that they can continue doing their good work,” said Baker. “I will be around for some time to go on retreats and join our programs.”

Jenell Patton, assistant director of Campus Ministry, congratulated Baker on his new role, calling it “an excellent culmination of his personal and professional goals.”

Baker “will contribute his passion for the Mercy heritage with his daily presence and approach to the work, while being mindful of grace and mercy, and offering dignity to all he encounters,” Patton said.

Baker, who recently completed his doctorate, will continue to spread the Mercy mission from his new office.

“I hope to support and empower our Campus Ministry and Community Engagement departments as well as possible. I also hope to find creative ways, both through and beyond our current Mercy Emissaries program, to help employees to live the mission,” Baker said.