In opposition to iMU

Owen Roberts, Contributing writer

As the first mini classes finally come to a close, so does the Class of 2022’s first experience with iMU.

iMU sets out to teach us about the extensive heritage and traditions of Mercyhurst University.

The course is also about teaching our students how to be more inclusive and accepting of other students on campus.

The course also seeks to improve student life by informing us about how we can find activities to do around campus, and by helping us place priorities on academics.

Despite the fact that iMU informed us about many opportunities on campus and how to make use of all of our resources, I believe that overall the program failed us students.

I have no doubt that many people believe in iMU and have put much work into making the course.

However, I believe that fixes should be made to iMU to make it more useful to students.

One of the things that comes to mind is the Privilege Walk lesson.

We were instructed to stand in a line, and take a step forward if the phrase that the instructor said was true to you.

The phrases included, “Take a step forward if both of your parents live in the same household” or “Take a step forward if you’ve never been bullied.”

I have talked to other students in my class about this, and we concluded that that isn’t something that iMU should be about.

I believe that iMU should be something great, and I do not believe it can be that with something like this as a lesson.

In the class I was in, iMU was more like a study hall.

I look to my right and I see students sleeping or doing homework for other classes, and I look to my left and I see a group of students chatting and not paying attention to the lesson at all.

My class was almost entirely consumed by reading PowerPoint slides and watching videos.

There were very few activities that engaged the class.

Although the slides were informative, the class was not very engaging and sometimes hard to follow.

I think that a fix to this would be to have some more engaging work included.

Something like a group activity or something that captivated the whole class.

iMU would have been more informative and helpful if it was more engaging.

Despite what I have said, iMU wasn’t all bad.

The course gave us important information such as where to find help if we were struggling in a class.

I believe that iMU has the potential to amplify its usefulness and help us students in the long term.