MU Student Union gets more updates

Aaron Qiao, Staff writer

There are many exciting updates coming to the Student Union coming this year, with many already implemented by Student Government in the last few weeks. This week, the Merciad sat down with MSG President Vince Marrazzo to discuss all the new features that have arrived at the Herrmann Union.

Last year, Student Government decided to purchase an air hockey table for the Great Room. This year they have also introduced two arcade machines to add to the activities that students can find in the Union.

“The arcade machine is part of the effort to update the student union and make it a friendlier space,” Marrazzo said. The first machine was purchased as a trial test to gather public opinion on the arcade. It has been met with great demand.”

Due to the arcade game popularity, MSG decided to go ahead with the purchase of the second machine. The machine includes all-time favorites such as Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Street Fighter that all Mercyhurst students can enjoy for free.

The idea came from Marrazzo himself and was approved by the MSG Executive Board.

Many of the games that are on the machine were selected by MSG after researching into the different ways to improve the student experience in the Student Union. For Marrazzo, the best game by far is Rampart on the Atari.

Currently, there is not a concrete plan to purchase more equipment for the Great Room, however, MSG is always open to student suggestions and comments about improving the space.
In addition to the new arcade games, the NFL Sunday Ticket has been purchased for the great room TVs.“NFL was always part of the cable package before a break, but it is back now,” Marrazzo said. The reason for the continued renewal of the Sunday Ticket is that students like to watch different sports, especially football, but individually this package would be pricey for them. By purchasing it for the Student Union, the games can be enjoyed by the entire student population.

Moreover, there has been shifting of furniture and TVs from the Great Room into the Commuter Lounge, as well as many upgrades to the furniture to make the room more inviting.

Like the arcade machines, funding has come from Student Government budget and is overseen by Sarah Allen, director for Campus Involvement.