Why do we skip Thanksgiving?

Erin Almeter, Staff writer

Each year, we see Christmas decorations go up almost immediately after Halloween passes.

This goes double for stores, as Christmas becomes the priority.

Meanwhile, fall gets put on the backburner.

I am here to say that that has to change.

Why on earth do we have to always skip right over pretty much the whole month of November?

There is a whole holiday between Halloween and Christmas that gets completely skipped over.

Thanksgiving does not deserve that. It deserves its own time to shine.

Thanksgiving is a fantastic holiday filled with family and good food.

It gives us all a chance to relax from the busyness our lives.

We gather around a table to recognize all the blessings and joys in our lives.

And every family has their own wonderful Thanksgiving traditions.

One does not leave a Thanksgiving dinner with just a full, satisfied stomach, but also a content heart.

Also, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the National Dog Show! Who would want to skip over that?

There is nothing like that at Christmas time.

How about Friendsgiving?

Even though Thanksgiving is generally celebrated with family, you can easily spend it with your closest friends as well.

From this and the regular Thanksgiving, there will be absolutely delicious leftovers for days.

No one can deny that a leftover turkey sandwich or turkey soup is delectable, even if they are just leftovers.

In addition, I often prefer the Advent approach to celebrating Christmas.

It marks one month of preparation for Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

It creates a spirit of anticipation, of something to look forward to.

This season of Advent starts after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving causes a totally natural flow into the Christmas season.

The season of thankfulness sets the tone for the season of giving at Christmas time.

Don’t get me wrong and read this as some savage indictment of Christmas.

I love Christmas as well, but I believe that each holiday should have adequate time to be celebrated.

At the moment, I feel that we often conflate the two holidays.

Or, even worse, we just overlook Thanksgiving as a whole.

I can understand why some would want to do this.

Christmas, like Thanksgiving, is a time to spend with family and be surrounded with joy.

However, isn’t it better to be able to celebrate two holidays separate, instead of combining them into one?

The way I see it, Halloween has October, Thanksgiving has November, and Christmas and New Year’s have December.

We wouldn’t combine these holidays together.

That’s my opinion, and I know it is not going to change what other people do.

I know that I am going to wait until after Thanksgiving day to start up all the Christmas celebrations.

I encourage others reading this to do the same.