How to defeat late semester burnout

Erin Almeter, Staff Writer

I think I know what most college students are thinking right now: You’re thinking that Thanksgiving break was way too short.

The food was delicious and seeing family was great, but the time flew by.

And just as you were finally getting into the holiday spirit, you were thrown back into a school setting.

Now that students are back at school, there really is one thing to look forward to.

Say it with me now: Winter Break!

It is a whole month to celebrate the holidays and relax from the stressful fall semester, something that I think we all need at this point.

We have the better part of a whole month to sleep in and eat home-cooked meals.

We get to spend that time off surrounded by family and friends, with no essays or term papers anywhere in sight.

It is a whole month to see family that are normally missed because students are hours away, or missed because the family lives out of town.

It also creates the anticipation of a fresh start to the spring semester that, strangely enough, begins in mid-January.

Before classes really start up, the anticipation of a new semester and a new start can be exciting.

It’s even more exciting to think and just imagine about what is in store for the spring.

However, the obstacles holding us back from this month long break are two weeks of classes.

Then, after we’ve finally conquered those two weeks of classes, we have to clear one week of finals.

While that may seem short to some, others may experience a seemingly never-ending cycle of stress.

To others, it looks like an unscalable mountain we just have to climb over to get our just rewards.

In this time, papers will be due, presentations will need to be finished, projects will need to be completed and class material will need to be finalized.

The lack of sleep and poor eating habits acquired during these final weeks of the fall semester will only be cured during the upcoming Winter Break.

I have been through this time of waiting for Winter Break almost three times now, so I have a few helpful tips.

My first suggestion to survive this awkward waiting period is to decorate your room or apartment to build the holiday cheer.

My next suggestion is to have a Christmas Secret Santa party with friends or with clubs you are involved in.

I’d also suggest to go see Jane Lynch’s Christmas celebration in the PAC on Dec. 4.

Try to treat yourself with a nap or ice cream when you need either.

Also it would probably be a good idea to study for upcoming exams at some point.

Try as hard as you can to get your final presentations, papers and projects done as soon as possible.

Do this so that the due dates do not all sneak up on you at the same time.

You don’t want to be cramming everything in at the last second, That’s how you hit burnout.

One final big suggestion would be to plan something to do during Winter Break so there is a motivational factor during these final weeks.

Whenever you feel down, or think that you just can’t go on any longer, just think about your plans and you’ll be rejuvenated.

That is what my friends and I are doing.

Our plan is to end up continuing to add something new to our New York City travel plans as we wait for the day we leave to finally arrive.

Each day that will pass before Winter Break brings us closer to an exciting experience.

When all else fails, just remember that time will pass, as it always does.

It will take what seems like an eternity, but classes will finish.

I know it’s impossible to envision this right now, but Winter Break will come eventually.

And in the end, everything will be OK.

I know that these final few weeks are stressful and difficult, but Winter Break is coming in just over two weeks.

And then, we all get a solid month off of school, something that I think we can all look forward to.

We are all in this together, so hang in there!