To the next semester

Sarah Klein, Staff Writer

Heading into the spring, I’m glad my first semester is finally over!

Even though the weather is cold and snowy for all but a few weeks during this semester, I don’t mind because I know it won’t last forever.

I always prefer the spring semester because it feels like I’m on a downward slope and summer is right around the corner.

Also, it always takes me a bit of time to get used to the new academic year, so a few months in I have had a chance to get settled into my yearly routine.

I’m also much more comfortable living with roommates.

My roommates and I have gotten used to living with one another.

On top of that, I am also comfortable with my extra-curricular routine, which involves things like writing for The Merciad.

Even though the cold, snowy weather makes it difficult to leave my apartment and go to class, I find it easier to focus on homework when I am not distracted by nice weather.

Weather like this encourages me to stay inside and get my work done.

This is contrasted by fall semester, when there’s nice weather until at least early November.

Another perk of the spring semester is that it is slightly shorter than the fall.

Even though it is not significant, we have frequent breaks such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Spring Break and Easter Break.

These breaks help to make the semester fly by, and it keeps me from feeling too overwhelmed by class and homework.

If I’m ever being crushed by work, it comforts me to think that I’m not too far away from another break.

I always know that if I just fight through a few more weeks of work, I can get to the next resting spot.

To me it feels as though fall semester drags on longer than the spring, in large part because we have more time in between breaks.

Looking forward to the next semester, I’m also excited for some of the big changes and events that are coming to campus.

This semester I am looking forward to the new pub and the renovated Laker Inn being opened.

I am also excited about the upcoming Spring Fest and the return of trips to Presque Isle with my friends!

I know that once I am done with this semester, I will officially be halfway done with college.

It is certainly a huge relief knowing that I only have a few more months instead of two semesters.

All in all, I would say that I prefer spring semester in large part because I am closer to the yearly finish line.

I can always look ahead and know that summer is coming just around the corner.

That’s true, even if I’m being absolutely drowned in work.

I can’t wait to see what the sprint to this year’s finish line brings!