RSCO Feature: Hurst Bowling Club

Gillian Mazur, Staff writer

One of the newest clubs on campus is the Hurst Bowling Club Started this semester by current club president Andrew Dulya, the Bowling Club hopes to add to the social sphere of Mercyhurst with another noncompetitive athletic outlet.

Dulya is an MSG senator and freshman Biochemistry major.

“The purpose of Hurst Bowling Club is to give students the opportunity to get off campus and bowl in a semi-competitive nature and improve people’s bowling skills. People should join Hurst Bowling Club because it’s one of the few clubs that enables students to get off campus and socialize,” Dulya said.

The other officers include vice president Genevieve Burgess and treasurer Hailey Wilson. The club’s faculty adviser is Chris Lewand, assistant director of Residence Life, who bowled in high school.

The club currently plans to meet every other week in order to grow attendance and adjust accordingly.
“I’m really excited to start bowling and see how many people want to show up,” Burgess said. “At the Spring Involvement fair, we got over 35 signatures.”

“The level of interest shows that we could be a really good club. We got a good mix of people who signed up from all of the classes,” Dulya said.

Currently the club has a carpool sign up for those who are willing to volunteer to drive members. Students also have the option of providing their own transportation.

When asked why he wanted to start the club, Dulya said, “As an MSG senate member, people said there weren’t enough clubs that met regularly throughout the week. One day I went bowling with some friends and said, ‘Wow this could be fun.’”

As of now, the club plans on putting four people to one lane to see how many they will need in the future. Rather than focusing on specific or competitive teams, the club will focus on the social aspect of bowling together.

When asked about their bowling skills, the board members showed that having a good time is higher on the agenda than having a good game.

“I wouldn’t say good, but I wouldn’t say terrible. For people who aren’t good, there is still a place for them in this club because we can get bumpers. We started this club more for the social atmosphere,” Dulya said.

With regard to her bowling skill, Burgess felt the same way. “It depends on the game. I can play a really bad game and then turn around and play a really good one afterward. I’m not the best bowler, but it’s fun. I like bowling, and Andrew told me that he needed help with the club, so I volunteered. I want to get more involved with more groups, clubs and events on campus. I figured this would be a good way to start doing that,” Burgess said.

For those interested, the club will be bowling at 9 p.m.. each week at Eastway Lanes in Harborcreek Township, about a 10-minute drive from campus.

To go bowling, signups are on the club’s Google Doc on the Tuesday before each meeting. Elections for the club’s officers for the Fall semester will be held in April.

The cost will be $7 each night, which includes shoe rental and three games of bowling. Every once in a while, the club plans on providing pizza.

For more information on joining the club, contact club president Andrew Dulya at