Hurst’s Got Talent needs you

Katy Vaccariello, Staff writer

Do you have a special talent you want to share with the world? Or at least share with the students of Mercyhurst? The opportunity has arrived.

The Multicultural Activities Council and Student Activities Council are organizing a Talent Show specially for Lakers. Hurst’s Got Talent will be held on Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. in the Walker Recital Hall.
The idea for a campuswide talent show was influenced by the success of a previous event, Coffee House, held by MAC/SAC last semester.

That event highlighted the signing and musical talents of the student population in the Student Union.
This time around, the event is open and welcoming talents of all kinds to share the stage in the Walker Recital Hall.

“I am most excited about seeing the wide range of talents that will be displayed,” said Grace Simson, a junior Music Therapy major who is one of the programmers of the event. “Unlike the Coffee House, all types of acts are welcomed and encouraged, so it will be an even more diverse and interesting show.”

All students are encouraged to take part in the talent show, whatever their skill may be. The only limitation is making sure the act is appropriate for school.

Not only do the students get the freedom to display their talents, there is also a little competition among participants. Prizes will be passed out to the top three acts, and the first-place winner will receive a pair of AirPods.

There will also be prizes for second and third place, with prizes being adjusted accordingly if a group act wins. Of course, MAC/SAC wants everyone to share in the wealth of a little prize, and all participants will receive some delicious pizza.

As most talent shows go, there will be a panel of judges voting on the top three acts.

The students running the event scoured the Mercyhurst campus for three volunteer faculty judges, and found Abigail Franc, admissions counselor; Robert Reid, marching band director; and Nathan Nitczynski, academic counselor. The panel of judges comes from outside of the MAC/SAC team to ensure fair judging across the board, with Franc even coming from Mercyhurst’s North East campus.

There are several students signed up already in preparation for the big night.
A couple of the acts include vocals by freshman Allen Schoyer and surprise impressions by sophomore Chris Streibich.

Adrienne Nannen is the second event programmer excited for what the evening will bring.
“We are looking forward to seeing all the hidden talent Mercyhurst students have to offer,” Nannen, a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major, said.

MAC/SAC programmers believe there is plenty of hidden talent across campus and encourage any and all appropriate acts to join the group for a night to remember. Sign-ups will end two days before the event is held.

In order to enter Hurst’s Got Talent, all you have to do is use the event’s sign-up link found on all forms of MSG social media. The link is also found on the many posters scattered throughout campus.

Once your name is registered, programmers Simson and Nannen will contact you about the anticipated talent and share any last-minute information.

For those preferring be to a spectator, invite your friends and join the MAC/SAC team as they support and cheer on the many wonderful acts Mercyhurst students have to offer.