My problems with the brand new pub

Nash Greeven, Staff writer

Recently, Mercyhurst University opened the long-awaited pub, The Roost.

I have been to The Roost twice so far, and I have had both a positive and negative experience.

The atmosphere of the pub is very well done.

There are many nice pieces of artwork hanging around the room, which along with the lighting conveys a very positive atmosphere.

If I had to sum up the atmosphere in one word, it’d be “welcoming.”

Despite all of the positive things I just said about The Roost, I’m a little disappointed with some aspects of it.

The first problem is that finding a table is hectic.

When the place was at its most packed, I spent upwards of 20 minutes looking for a table, which was disappointing.

It would have been beneficial if they included more seating in The Roost to accommodate the massive rushes of students.

I’m also disappointed in the speed of service.

The best example of this I can think of is when I spent an hour waiting for a chicken salad, while it only took 10 minutes for a burger to be delivered to a nearby table.

It would be nice if The Roost operated more like a traditional restaurant, where you sit down first and then order your food.

For those who don’t know, the way it works at The Roost is that you order and pay for your food when you walk in.

Then you find a seat to sit in, and then you wait for your food.

I feel it’s just a messy and inefficient setup, and it leads to many downsides for the pub.

For one, you have the issue of the lines.

At the moment, they have a large line that forms at one corner at the pub, which then wraps around the pub.

This line causes issues, as it obstructs movement around The Roost.

It would be nice if they fixed the food-ordering process and the speed of getting your food!

The speed of service is my biggest problem with The Roost.

I have been to many different universities with restaurants on campus, and it is extremely efficient.

There is about a 10-minute wait time for your food at those restaurants.

At The Roost, it is closer to a 30- to 40-minute wait time, and this is by far the worst problem about The Roost.

It really puts a damper on things to have to wait so long for service.

There isn’t much they can do about seating due to the arrangements they have set up.

It would be incredibly difficult to remodel The Roost at this point.

I feel like the The Roost is more of a glorified Laker with longer wait times and a lot less seating.

There are also certain things I’d like to see added to The Roost.

I would like to see The Roost add a breakfast menu, so you could come in on a Sunday morning and order an excellent pancake breakfast.

Or, they could include a brunch menu.

It would also be nice if The Roost offered daily dishes, where there was a favorite item or a specialty item that they would make once a week.

Then, they could change it up every month to allow some more variety and new flavors to the menu.

I also believe that the dessert menu could use some improvement.

I think that adding something like pie to the dessert menu would pay off.

It has to be said that The Roost just opened.

I’m optimistic that it will improve over time.

I’m excited to see what comes to the menu, and what changes are made in the future.