RSCO Feature: Business Club


Sarah Klein, Staff writer

The place to go for any student preparing for a future in business is the Walker College Business Club.
This RSCO is one of the most active groups on campus.

A well-established group that has been active for several years, the Business Club focuses “on helping student members get experience in the business and accounting industries through speakers, events and excursions related to the field of business.”

By joining the Business Club, students obtain useful information from speakers in their related business field, acquire stronger relationships with business professors, participate in conferences and business trips, build their resume and get an opportunity to network.

The advisor of the Walker College Business Club is Lee Belovarac, a professor in the Walker College who has been a faculty member at Mercyhurst for nearly 30 years.

In addition to sophomore Accounting major, Amanda Costello, who serves as the club’s president, the other club officers include Maya Fanazini, Jon Husted, Karoline Kienholz, Adam Pasay and Maria Moreno.

Besides the career preparation, “students are able to connect with other fellow business majors and also have fun,” Costello said.

The Business Club meets frequently and provides members with many opportunities to get off campus and get involved in the many fields of business.

Some of the most popular events that the club sponsored in the past included a trip to the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, a marketing conference in Pittsburgh, various fundraisers and an annual Christmas party.
As one of the most multicultural departments on campus, events like the Christmas party focus on how winter is celebrated in various countries represented by the Walker School’s student population.

On March 26 the club hosted guest speaker Ann Carlin, Vice President of First Notice of Loss and Customer Service Operations and Strategy at Erie Insurance. Carlin shared advice, information about internship opportunities and her career path so far.

Various other speakers have already made a visit or will do so in the future, many of whom are Mercyhurst alumni.

In the future we will be expanding our horizon of speakers, taking more trips and creating more hands-on experiences and activities,” Costello said.

If you are a student in the Walker College of Business or are interested in the many fields that business offers, this might just be the club for you!