Student gives his thoughts on why MU needs an upgrade to its wi-fi service

Mike Solazzo, Contributing writer

It is currently 11:43 in the evening on Monday, March 25.

The wi-fi is currently not working.

Should I be surprised?

Who’s to say?

But what I can say with certainty is that the wi-fi here at Mercyhurst University is no good.

Even though the wi-fi is down, which bothers me quite a bit, I do understand that there’s likely a reason for it in this particular case.

It is late at night, so there is a good chance no one from the school could have gotten to fixing it yet.

To me, however, the wi-fi being down here currently is only the absolute tip of the massive iceberg for the wi-fi situation here at Mercyhurst.

It’s only a single case, but it demonstrates the issues that the wi-fi here has.

If I had to describe it in only a few words, I would say the wi-fi here at Mercyhurst University is mediocre at best.

That is a harsh, but completely justified criticism for a college campus.

The poor wi-fi makes it incredibly hard to enjoy any online entertainment while here at Mercyhurst.

Over the weekend I tried to watch a movie and the wi-fi wasn’t loading anything.

What a surprise.

I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences with the wi-fi here on campus.

Maybe my expectations are just set too high.

Well, all things considered, maybe not.

I feel as though simply expecting the wi-fi to simply work is not asking too much, but sometimes, I find myself hoping for a lot.

It really feels just like a slap in the face in a way.

We pay immense money in tuition.

But despite that, the school can’t offer us something that is so simple as reliable, fast wi-fi.

I understand that price must be a factor, wi-fi for thousands of students cannot be cheap, but we built Ryan Hall last year and we are redoing the library this very year.

I understand completely that Ryan Hall and the library renovations are two very expensive projects.

With that being said, I find it a bit odd that the administration has not yet set aside a portion of the endowment (or wherever the money for these projects is coming from) in order to just do something that would be completely for the benefit of the students.

I don’t think I need to say anything about how many students complain about the wi-fi, and with what rapid frequency they do so.

It’s hard to see how the administration wouldn’t know that this is a problem students are having.

It bothers me a bit that it seems that the administration will throw money at projects that don’t benefit us more in a tangible way, such as the brand new police and safety car, while ignoring the things that would benefit us more directly.

They will give money for something like the aforementioned police and safety car, but they will not listen to us students when it comes to allocating the money towards something that would benefit students in a direct and obvious way.

Especially when its something that’s so regularly requested by students.

At the end of the day, it just appears that there is no improvement anywhere in sight for the wi-fi.

The university doesn’t seem to talk about it all that much, even though its a big deal for the students here.

As upsetting and frankly annoying that the current state of the wi-fi is to me, the administration does not seem to be making any step to change it or beef it up.

I would understand this issue more if we were a larger university.

I could understand it if we had a greater area we had to cover on the whole.

But, to be honest, we are a pretty small school, especially compared to other institutions of higher learning in the area.

I feel like it is inexcusable that the wi-fi is so poor on such a small campus.

Additionally, we are a campus that is clearly well-funded.

At least, we certainly appear to be, if the recent construction and renovation projects going on around campus are anything to go by.

I guess the only thing that we as students can do about it is continue to tell the administrators how terrible it is.

With that, we can at least hope that they listen eventually.